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Jul 18, 2011 5:00am PDT
worst. >>> new twists in britain's phone hacking scandal. why the country's top cop is out of a job. >>> and it's a beautiful day to fly out of sfo. partly cloudy but temperatures hitting 70 as a high so definitely warmer than yesterday and hot weather continuing to see that throughout the rest of the country. today if you're landing in chicago, 94 and 40 to 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms. other places similar weather, new york today only to 90 as their high but also chance of thunderstorms and showers later on this afternoon. and i'll have a full look at your bay area forecast coming right up. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. a double homicide in richmond. a and woman in their >>> 5:15 on this monday morning. in the headlines, new details about a double the homicide in richmond. a man and woman in their 30s were shot and killed. they were found lying on the sidewalk last night outside a
Jul 12, 2011 5:00am PDT
fallout from britain's phone hacking scandal. why police are now being probed by lawmakers. >>> and grandpa has a date for that early bird special. why more seniors are turning to the internet for love. that's coming up. p i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap. ,,,, care for your car. hebrew national hot dogs are the best of the best of the best. they don't get any bester than this. omg, it's kosher! with no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors. hebrew national. the better than a hot dog, hot dog. hebrew national hot dogs are unlike any
Jul 11, 2011 5:00am PDT
. >>> 5:48 now. the duke and dutchess of cambridge are now recovering from jet lag back home in britain. i'm sure they will survive. after the north american visit. william and kate's weekend in southern california included a visit with movie stars and inner city kids. and a friendly game of polo for the prince. their last stop was at a job's program for military veterans. >> for those returning from active service, to open a mu chapter in their lives and find employment when they retire from the military. >> it was the couple's first overseas tour. they had a big wedding in april. >>> and did you not love every one of other outfits. great fashion. >> or a great fashion consultant. >> that's right. >>> time now is 5:49. in this time of the year, gas prices are going back up. the milestone they could hit in just a few weeks. >>> a giant welcome. >> a northern california city, not so friendly to fideo. why it is suddenly backtracking on a controversial dog ban. clinically proven unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep so you wake rested. unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longe
Jul 1, 2011 5:00am PDT
. and it includes cuts to pay and benefits previously conceded by city workers. >>> britain's royal couple charms canada. william and kate's plans today on what would have been princess diana's 50th birthday. >>> and no funny business here. comedy central's stephen colbert makes a major political move. how he is stepping into the 2012 race. we'll see. >>> a lot of people traveling around the country this holiday weekend. we are cleared for take-off. sfo looking at sunshine and 75 degrees. heading south, going to be hot in many spots. it's been that way for a while. houston no exception. partly cloudy skies, still about 95 degrees in toward the afternoon. if you're continuing on toward atlanta, we are expecting some sunshine and still a hot 94 degrees. we'll have more on your local weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,, i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one wit
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4